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Cheap Peru Tours, is part of Peru & U, we designed our Peru Travel packages from scratch, organized every detail and operate a range of different travelling options along the fairest prices, so you can be inspired by our samples and make the most of your experience.

We are an independent on site based Peru travel company, with plenty of experience in the market. A company that from the beginning has been managing dedicatedly by its founding directors and team, who puts all efforts to deliver only the perfect itinerary matching your traveling budget, wishes and requirements.

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Our Team Promise

The family of Peru & U – Cheap Peru Tour commits to you by providing experienced and very knowledgeable guidance from our team of travel specialists, offering the most competitive prices of the market for you to choose the suitable package for your trip and make the necessary arrangements along with your travel specialist. Our main priority is to ensure that your experience while traveling through Peru and Bolivia runs smoothly and that all your expectations would been fulfilled.

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