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CUSCO: Best Route for Bars in Cusco

If you’re someone who loves to party, but loves to experience everything that the nightlife has to offer, a bar crawl is the perfect way to spend the night. One of the best things about Cusco is that the nightlife is relatively small and condensed – bar hopping is safe and easy. You don’t need to join a group to have fun in Cusco; you and your friends can make your way around at your own pace. Here are five suggestions ranging from low key bar to salsa dance party, from traditional Peruvian to Irish and everything in between. Follow this route for a great night with friends, and amazing drinks wherever you go!

Best Route for Bars in Cusco

Limbus Restobar

Calle Pasñapakana 133, Cusco 08000

If you are looking to enjoy of one of the nicest views in town while having a cocktail, then this is your place. Limbus has been in the market for quite a while and lately they have improved their menu on Peruvian dishes to accompany your drinks. You must do a little of hiking up to get there but definitely worth it, you will encounter a modern decoration and if you get the seats right in the balcony then what is left is to enjoy of the first bar on this route while a having dinner.

Museo del Pisco

Santa Catalina Ancha 398, Cusco 08002

Start your night off in a traditional way, at the Museo del Pisco. Although this may not seem like the usual jump into a rowdy bar crawl, the museum offers patrons the choice of 18 different pisco sour recipes. Don’t get confused by the name either, although it is a museum, you can still relax and enjoy your time at the bar on site. Enjoy Peru’s traditional drink, and then head off to the next spot for some more fun! This bar is just a couple of blocks away from Plaza de Armas, on Santa Catalina Ancha

Paddy’s Pub

Triunfo 124, Cusco 08002

You might have already passed this establishment during the day, as it has a balcony that overlooks Plaza de Armas. They market themselves as the highest Irish pub in the world, and happy hour extends from 7-8pm, and 9.30-10pm. Make sure you enjoy a drink there during that time, and you’ll manage to grab a great deal while you enjoy the vibes. If you are in Plaza de Armas facing the main cathedral, turn right, and you should be able to see the sign for Paddy’s easily. If you’ve come from Museo del Pisco, simply come back towards Plaza de Armas, and you should see it on your right, just before you reach the main square.

Norton Rat’s Tavern

Sta Catalina Angosta 116, Cusco 08002

This is another spot that’s difficult to miss. Situated in Plaza de Armas, you will be able to find it with ease. Stepping away from the local bars for the time being, Norton Pub is unashamedly American, and comes with everything you might expect from a bar back home, perfect for those who are just a little homesick, but also want great cocktails. Lots of deep fried foods, great drinks, and great music. They also have a second-story deck that overlooks the main square, giving you great views as you make new friends and enjoy the night. From Paddy’s all you need to do is walk straight down Triunfo back to the plaza, turn left onto Santa Catalina Angosta, and you’re ready for the next round!

Wild Rover

Cuesta de Sta. Ana 782, Cusco 08002

No bar crawl in Cusco would be complete without a stop at the Wild Rover. Known to be one of the rowdiest spots in town, there is always a party! This is a hostel, although you can get in free even if you are not staying there. Another place with an excellent view of the city, watch the festivities from the second storey, or get right in the middle of it. This is an excellent place to end the night, as they are open till 2am, for those who want to continue the party. The Wild Rover is about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the main square, on Cuesta de Santa Ana, but don’t worry – the streets are always well lit and there are always police around.

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