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One Booking One Tree In Peru

It is being a long journey since we first started, along the way we have encounter different challenges and we discovered that it is all about give and received…

We learnt that as we put more effort, dedication, and as we become more perfectionist, every service we have provided has been an amazing experience for our clients. Also, we understand that providing the greatest service is not enough if we do not involve our community in the process and that is the reason we reinforce our goals and direction toward promoting a more sustainable tourism, since then we have been working in different programs with the community of Willoq located in Cusco, Peru.

For us this is a beloved community which has given as so much, as our porters come from this far small town part of the Inca Trail area. The dedication of our porters is also one of our main keys and our strength as a company and it is mandatory for us to reciprocate the same effort we received from them and we enjoy deeply every year visiting them with hands full of gifts for the children of this precious community.

But as sustainability is further more than helping our community and it means also involve everyone creating a better process to decrease our footprint and improve the quality of our services not damaging any further our ecosystems and environment in the meantime.

We have been working respectfully and grateful of our mother earth or as we call it “Pachamama” because for us it is also part of our heritage and culture to protect our surroundings and that is why we had developed our program “One Booking – One Tree”. We are extremely happy to have put this into work in the community of Willoq alongside the ATCC a governmental institution where every February of each year we all gather to unite forces in planting this future very strong trees. As we see it is our small but meaningful contribution… probably a grain of sand for our society, although we can only hope for this project to grow every year a little more and more.

Tourism in general is massive guilty pleasure as it involves traveling by plane, the uses of cars and many other additional service, where gas and electricity are constantly being used as we know all these activities are not ecofriendly, they are only causing tons of greenhouse gases to go into the environment and unfortunately damaging it.

On the thought of that and also the incredible suggestions of our previous clients, now we can be proud of us working on making a difference for our future generations when there is still time, so we encourage you to not only have a once in lifetime experience with us, but in the process be also a conscious traveler and know and be reassure that will plant a tree under your reservation name and we all together built a better future and protect our beautiful home that we all call earth.

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