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Packing Checklist for Peru Traveling With an Infant

Dear parents, traveling with kids in Peru is not a nightmare -just kidding. Have a deep breath and let’s bet who has the best checklist to ensure the entertainment, safety and health of your child. Ideas come from everywhere, even from an internet blog.


Hey dad, where’s my iPod? He might ask. Or whatever your kid needs to smile and be quiet. Okay, this is not always the case. But yes, entertainment is quite a must during the trip. Make room in your luggage for cell phones, tablets, video games, musical instruments, stuffed animals, handcrafts and more. A good sense of humor also is quite needed when making queues or traveling with kids in a plane throughout Peru.


This is a must -otherwise hassles won’t end. Be sure you travel with your passport and your entrance tickets. In case you are traveling with pets, there is mandatory paperwork you can find in this article. It is up to you to keep receipts from stores, restaurants and other shops.

Fun for Parents

It’s been a long time since you had a toy, haven’t you? Let’s make this simple. Bring money, formal or elegant clothes, contact cards, your cellphone, camera and all the joy you can have. Make sure you don’t ruin anyone’s fun, including yourself. Some food or interesting stuff from your country along with a basic phrasebook are good resources as well.


Is your toddler your first child? If so, pack the following: diapers, baby powder, soft clothes, a feeding bottle, blankets, warm clothes and toys. Check for vaccination schedules and health certificates. Ask your doctor for medical advice about high altitude sickness, moreover pack a baby stroller and related items to travel with the youngest wherever you head to.


You know the game, right? Just kidding. Put some candies, biscuits, snacks, keyrings and other small stuff you can donate or exchange with Peruvian people. There is stuff you can’t reach even with a hundred dollars, but it can be gotten with a piece of candy. That’s a lesson when traveling with kids in Peru, they will appreciate it later. Enough.

Other items

For your safety, pack sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, a refillable water bottle, lip balm, hand cream, medicines and your beauty and body care stuff. Then this is it. If you need something else, you can find plenty of shops. Happy traveling!

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