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PERU: Packing List on a Budget

If you plan on travelling to Peru on a budget, it can be a bit difficult to know what essentials to pack. Even experienced travellers can make mistakes when it comes to somewhere new that they’ve never been before. Here is a list of essentials that you should invest in, all under $20, making them perfect even for those on a shoestring budget. If you don’t have some of these things already at home, all of these options are available for purchase online through Amazon, but can also be found locally in stores as well.

Universal Power Adapter

This is a major life saver for anyone who is travelling with a phone, laptop or tablet. Buying a universal power adapter means that you can reuse the device every time you travel – it is not just for use in Peru. When looking to buy a power adapter, travellers should focus not only on the configuration options of the plugs, but also the voltage capabilities. North America runs on 110 volts generally, whereas Peruvian plugs are 220 volts. If you use a plug that does not have a voltage converter, and your country of residence runs on a different voltage, you risk short circuiting your electrical device. Make sure when you buy a power adapter that it is capable of handling up to 240 volts, which is the maximum for anywhere in the world.

Travel Towel

A travel towel is an essential for anyone travelling around Peru on a budget and staying in hostels. Most hostels will charge you extra to rent a towel, and most of the time the towels are old, worn, and often look a little dirty. Save yourself the experience by making sure that you travel with your own, and you won’t need to worry! One of the great things about a travel towel is that they are extremely thin and lightweight – if you are backpacking and worried about space, this takes up next to no room in your luggage. They are also very fast drying, so they’re perfect for people on the go.

Reusable Water Bottle

There are a lot of places in Peru where it is not safe to drink the tap water. The alternative for travellers is to either boil water before drinking, or buying large bottles of purified water from the store. It is cheapest to buy the largest bottles available, usually around 5 litres, but these are inconvenient to take with you on days out or excursions. A great solution is a reusable water bottle that you can pour water into, and take with you. There are a number of options on the market, each with their own pros and cons. But for the cheapest option, a solid plastic water bottle will do the trick, and you can buy one that is the perfect size for you.

Shower Caps

This item could never be considered a necessity, but they are so lightweight and compact, they are a really smart investment. Shower caps can obviously be used to protect your hair in the shower, but savvy travellers are also using them to cover dirty shoes, protecting everything else in your luggage from getting dirty. All you need to do is stretch a shower cap over your shoes so that the sole is covered, and now you can pack them next to your clean clothes without needing to worry.

Reusable Travel-Size Toiletry Bottles

For most people, a trip to Peru does not require an entire full size bottle of shampoo. These small reusable bottles provide the perfect amount of shampoo/conditioner/soap/body lotion that is needed for a trip away. By limiting the amount of product you bring with you, you free up more space in your luggage by getting rid of bulky bottles, as well as reducing the weight. Try to find ones that are around 3oz,. which is the perfect size for carry on luggage if you are not bringing checked baggage with you. These are also reusable, so all you need to do is wash them out when you’re done, and they’re ready for the next adventure.

Flip Flops

Even if you aren’t planning on hitting the beach while in peru, flip flops are a travel must. Hostel showers are not always the cleanest places, and to avoid any unwanted foot fungus, always shower wearing footwear. Lightweight, plain flip flops are perfect for this purpose, and dry fast for easy packing in a hurry.

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