Peru Andean Tour – 9 Days


Make the most of your holiday to Peru while visiting its most important highlights, passing by Lima and then visiting the jewels of Cusco and Puno. Witness firsthand the fantastic views and surroundings of the Sacred Valley while touring around Pisaq ruins and impressive Ollantaytambo fortress. Marvel as you visit Machu Picchu in an unforgettable […]
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We have a expert team of travel specialists, who have all turned their passion for travel into a vocation. Between them, they have visited nearly every corner of Peru and Bolivia.


We curate truly individual travel experiences for our clients according to their budget. Peru & U approach leaves our travellers with unforgettable memories.


In every stage of your holiday, from the inception to conclusion, a Peru & U hand will be there to guide you.


Peru & U is will monitore all your experiences durinf your trip on Peru and Bolivia, To ensures a seamless holiday experience.


Once you have arrived at Lima airport, you will be greeted by a Peru & U representative who will transfer you at your hotel, and the way or at your hotel you will be given a briefing and overview of your itinerary and the answers to the questions you may have.

The rest of the day is for you to explore of Lima and its delicious gastronomy at your leisure.


Once you have finished breakfast, you will be introduced to the many sides of Lima, Peru’s modern capital and its largest city. This multifaceted city contains contrasts of modern, colonial, and ancient elements which is actually a quite fair representation of Peru.

Lima is exhilarating, as most cities fast-paced and will definitely challenge your expectations of it after you scratch the surface. Along your English-speaking guide who will give you a deep explanation about its abundant history and its modern significance you will immersed in Lima’s colonial history and Spanish roots visiting the Cathedral, the Main Square, and the Catacombs in San Francisco Covent.
This contrasts the sites of the residential and trendy areas of San Isidro and Miraflores, where you will see modern Lima at its finest. After the tour, you will have a free evening to explore the city at your own pace to appreciate its famed culinary scene and nightlife.


At your arrival you the Incas land, a View Peru representative will await you to transfer you to your accommodation.
Once on the way, your itinerary will be reviewed and in the case of having some questions they will be answered as well.

The rest of the day is for you to adjust and acclimatize to the high altitude of Cusco and relax at your leisure.

DAY 04

After you have enjoyed breakfast, you will be picked and taken to the precious Sacred Valley. Our first visit will be the archaeological ruins of Pisaq and village, where we will stop by the craft market that lays in the main plaza. This peculiar market stays busy on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday and the locals sell colorful woven cloth, alpaca wool, reproductions of ancient jewelry, engraved gourds and more. As we then follow the Urubamba river as we will head toward the Ollantaytambo fortress, and impressive construction surrounded by mountains creating fascinating landscapes s explaining of your guide.
After lunch time, you will be taken to the Ollantaytambo Train Station for you to board your train to Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu town. Once there the rest of the evening is to explore this small and cheerful city at your leisure.


Today we must rise early as the highlight of any trip to South America has come. We will take you for 30 min ride by bus that will take you to the Machu Picchu entrance.

Once there you will be amazed immediately by this remarkable Pre-Colombian city left by the Incas.
The sync between the cultural and natural surroundings are simply perfect and along with your guide you will discover and understand a little more of the secrets and theories of this gorgeous citadel. After your guided tour, you will have the time to wonder around its terraces and passages that will have you enchanted all day and capture the moment with beautiful pictures. After a long day of exploring this lost city, you will take the bus down to Aguas Calientes to later on board the train back to the train station from there a representative will be waiting to transfer you back to Cusco. Once in Cusco by the evening you will have the rest of the day at your leisure to explore the cobblestone streets of this magical city.


Today the day rise bright and early, as we will pick you up from your hotel, and then drive for about 2 hours until we reach small village of Mollepata, once we have arrived you will be served a warm breakfast to gain your energy for the day. Afterwards we will head towards Soraypampa, which is the start point of the Salkantay Trek.

The first see you would notice is the stunning views, if the sky is clear enough then you will be able to see the breathtaking Salkantay and Humantay Apus, the mountain guardians of the Slakantay Pass. The hike takes about hour and a half until we reach the lake in a tranquil pace as the tour has a moderate to challenging difficult, but all that will be forgotten as you lay eyes on the emerald waters and blue sky reflecting on the lake. You may consider (for an extra cost) renting a horse instead of hiking up to the lake if you not feel like walking.
Once there you will have enough time to take amazing pictures, make an offering to the Apus and for the bravest ones even swim, of course if the weather allows it. After a break, we will start the descending back to Saraypampa, surely easier than the way up. Once in Soraympampa a rewarding lunch await you, and after a very well deserved time for resting, we must return back to Cusco. The rest of the evening is yours to explore.


After a full breakfast at your hotel, a Peru & U representative will take you to the bus station for you to board the touristy coach to Puno. This is one of the most beautiful routes in Peru as you will go through the Altiplano a wise plateau well knows due to its high altitude and its massive extension that covers parts of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.
On the way, we will do various stops to make the most of the journey for instance museums, Inca ruins, and small cultural villages which also gives you a chance to stretch your legs.

We will even stop at the highest point of the route at a dizzying altitude of 4319m and you will have the opportunity to take amazing photos. Once we have arrived at Puno, a representative will be waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel to rest for the night.


Today, after you have enjoyed a wholesome breakfast you will spend a full day on the sparkling Lake Titicaca which is the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest in South America.

The lake is famous for its distinct culture and reed floating islands originating from communities seeking refuge from enemy villages on the lake shore. Firstly, we will stop on your boat tour at the amazing floating reed island of the community of Uros. Here the members will welcome you and teach you how they built their islands and take you on a reed boat ride. As the tours follows we will head toward Taquile where you will experience the lifestyle of the locals that has remain the same for centuries, relying on small-scale agriculture and animals for a simple life of sustainable subsistence.
Your guide will lead you around the island explaining more about its customs and history and you will enjoy a traditional lunch made from products grown in the area. From Taquile by the afternoon you will be brought back to Puno after having this heartwarming experience.


Today, after you have breakfast and at the most suitable time a Peru & U representative will be waiting for you to take you to Juliaca airport to catch your flight back to Lima to connect with your international flight home






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